Carbon Monoxide – Living In An RV Inside A Building

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Carbon monoxide is a dangerous and lethal gas that can kill you or make you very sick.

I keep my carbon monoxide detectors updated in our RV (our fifth wheel) to keep us safe and I don’t buy the cheapest ones that I can find either. It’s yours and your loved ones lives, so don’t get the cheapest thing you can find. Purchase good carbon monoxide detectors!

Below is the ones we have. Purchased at Home Depot…

Carbon Monoxide
We just moved our RV inside our large steel shop for the winter and we realized we would have to be careful due to many different situations inside the building.

  1. Furnace running (propane) and exhausting gasses into the shop.
  2. When the oven and stove are being used it also exhaust the same propane gasses out into the shop.
  3. Running our large space heater in the shop which runs off of diesel fuel and puts off potentially dangerous gasses.

Above are the biggest issues and this morning I fired up the shop space heater to take off the chill in the shop and about 3 hours later the bedroom carbon monoxide detector started going off inside the RV. And right before that I had noticed a little bit of a sore throats and a slight headache. These are the first signs of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Carbon Monoxide
Thank God I bought good carbon monoxide detectors and tested them good when I installed them, because today they saved us big time! This was an eye opener to us to be really careful while living inside this building.

What are we going to do to prevent carbon monoxide problems?

  1. We are installed a good high quality wood furnace for the shop.
  2. We are going to eliminate the use of running our propane furnace.
  3. We are going to use all electric heat inside the RV instead of propane and also use electric for cooking instead of propane.

How will this eliminate carbon monoxide dangers?

By not venting propane gasses into the shop from our RV furnace and propane oven, it will eliminate the poisonous gasses.

Also by eliminating the large space heater in the shop area and going to all wood heat, this will also eliminate the poisonous gasses inside this building which could harm us inside our RV.

By installing a good wood furnace in the shop it will keep our shop warm and no dangerous gasses, it will keep our home (our RV) warm and it will eliminate and possibilitys of freeze ups for our fifth wheel and our water tank.

I wanted to pass this along since we’ve had this problem in hopes of helping someone else that may be trying to live in the same type of scenario.

Carbon Monoxode is dangerous and a killer, so be careful with it and do everything possible to avoid the risk.

Below are some pictures of our fifth wheel inside our 40′ x 60′ shop. Our RV (fifth wheel) is 35.7′ long and right at 12’8″ tall at the front roof air. My large door opening is 12’4″, so you can imagine the problems we had getting this RV inside this building.

Carbon MonoxideCarbon Monoxide
We started our off grid journey this summer. July 1st was when we moved onto our new property and started living the RV lifestyle. We have really enjoyed it and have learned so much in such a short period of time. It isn’t for everyone, but we are enjoying it and will continue to enjoy it until we get our new home built here on our property. If you would like some ideas on how I did the overhead door rails and made the door larger to accommodate our fifth wheel, then visit here << now.

Enjoy and feel free to leave comments below.

Always do your best,

-Mike Pilcher

Carbon Monoxide
P.S. Below is a photo of today’s improvement on the inside of our RV (our home). I removed the bench style table and bench seating that also made into a bed when folded down. This made it so congested around the kitchen area and wasn’t comfortable for seating anyway, so I removed it to open up the space. What a huge difference it made!

Carbon Monoxide