Beautiful day for bow hunting deer…and turkey (summit viper)

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I am sitting here in my summit viper climbing tree stand with my bow hanging right beside me, ready to fire an arrow when needed. I am listening to the birds and squirrels chirping and rummaging around in the leaves, constantly thinking it is a deer sneaking in on me, but when I turn to look and its the squirrels again chasing one another.

I love bow hunting. It is so calm and quite compared to gun hunts. And of course, way more of a challenge. 🙂

Just a little while ago I did have two small fawns come right under my stand. They stopped and ate, then they went on down the hill towards the creek. I absolutely love hanging out in the woods watching and listening to the wildlife.

It is close to 3pm here in Missouri and the sun is finally starting to pop out on the nice October day.

It is Friday Oct 9th, and while most everyone else is at their respected jobs trading their precious time for money I am earning money from my online business that runs without my efforts 24/7. Just a handful of years ago I was so negative toward online stuff and I was the one that thought the whole making money online was some kind of scam or something, when the truth of the matter was at that time there was literally people all over the world doing it and really succeeding with it.

Fast forward to now and I cannot believe that I am doing it as well. My online business continues to grow and will just keep getting bigger and bigger with time. The best part is I now have a secure retirement plan that is a residual income that I don’t have to trade time for money for anymore. Sure, I still have traditional businesses that I work, but there will come a day soon that I will sell them off and be totally financially free and never have to work a day in my life again, unless of course I choose to.

Life is about choices. A several years ago I made that choice to stop following the crowd of broke people, and start taking advise from those that didn’t work a job and be a slave to someone else, and someone that was totally financially independent. Someone that had already done what I was attempting to do. Now I have more choices than most others. I can literally go hunting when I want, or hangout with family when I want, travel when I want, or workout when I want. Does it make me any better than you or anyone else? Heck no! I just have more choice because of decisions I made several years ago.

And guess what?

It has paid off big time!

Am I where I wan to be yet! No. But, I am closer than I was when I started, and way way farther than all of those that critisized me and made fun of me starting a online business. You know the ones I’m talking about. The ones that said; oh you can’t do that Mike. You don’t have any computer or online skills and experience. You never went to college and only have a high school degree. You should just get a job and quite dreaming about things that can’t come true.

Heard those lies before?

Yep, me too. But I was different than most. I refused to listen, and I took action and got to work. Sure I failed some, but I learned from the mistakes and failures and kept plugging along. Years later and it is now easy, when indeed at one point I can remember how it seemed hard and impossible. Sure glad I had a backbone and didn’t quit, like most people do.

There is a huge difference between try and do. I didn’t do like most people and just try, to later quit when it gets tough. No, I just made the decision to do and forget that try crap. I knew if someone else had done it, so could I!

I’m here to tell you that your dreams can come true if you will simply believe that they can. Change the way you think and change the way you speak. Say you can, and then say I will. Not try, but I will do it. Dreams can come true, but you have to first believe it and then not waver from that in the least little bit.

Develop a reading habit. I mean books from successful people, like Napoleon Hill, Bob Proctor, Bill Gates, Joel Osteen, Robert Kiyosaki, Dexter Yager, and many others. These self help books is exactly what taught me a different way, and steered me down the right path. The path to success, and not the path to constant failure like most of the world is on.

Check out the page on this website named “Books” and then go to and get started reading. These are cheap, and you can even get used books for a buck or two and still have it on your doorstep for under 5 bucks.

You can do whatever you set your mind to. You can do whatever you say and believe that you can do. 🙂

Ok, back to hunting and enjoying my time in the great outdoors. Have a great day!

Talk soon,