Ridgid Portable Air Compressor – 5 in 1 Unit (like new)…

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This Ridgid Portable Air Compressor is like New and in perfect condition. It has been ran in my garage once and it runs perfect. Unfortunately my generator will not run it, so I am getting a smaller unit that my generator will run. This is the ONLY reason I am selling this Ridgid Portable Air Compressor!

The RIDGID Tri-Stack 5 Gal. Portable Electric Steel Orange Air Compressor can be configured a variety of ways and has the versatility of 5 tools in 1. All tanks together provide maximum power, while tanks separated from the compressor are ideal for tire inflation or use at a distance with longer lengths of tubing. This compressor can even be set up for multiple tools with separate pressure requirements. The oil-free pump delivers reliable performance with less maintenance than traditional air compressors. Backed by the industry leading 3-year warranty.

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