Cabin In The Woods Update…

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Here are the latest photos of the cabin in the woods project.

       The rain and weather has not been my best friend for the last month which has made it so hard to get much done on the cabin. It rains almost everyday, or at least 3 to 4 times weekly.

Now with one side of the roof being shingled it has really helped as far as not having to keep all of it covered with tarps. If I can get 2 days in a row without rain, then I will be able to get the roofing finished and pull all of the tarps off for good. 🙂

In one of the pictures above you will see port windows. This is the loft above the kitchen and will be a place for the grandkids to sleep and hangout. This will finished with carpet and will have a very safe railing to keep anyone from falling off of the upper loft area.