No More Excuses for being financially drained – Self Help Books that will save your financial future…

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Often times we are wanting to get ahead in life and just can’t seem to make it happen. We try saving money, but that never last to long because it seems like there is always something that comes up that takes what little bit of money we have saved. The car breaks down, or it is time to get it inspected and re-licensed, or it needs tires. You know exactly where I am coming from don’t you? Maybe the kids need something for school, or for the sports they are playing, maybe they are growing so fast they need new clothes or shoes? It might even be something like a higher heat bill that surprises you?

There is a better way to save now. I am going to give you the name to 2 different books that are a must read if you are serious about saving money the right way, and also taking that money and turning it into a fortune over time. In these 2 books you will learn strategies that are proven to work if you follow the plan and work that plan. Both of these authors were broke as can be at one time, and by using these same strategies and principles, they both are multi millionaires.

Of course there is no guarantee here, but by reading these self help books, you to can be one of thousands of people that have been able to completely turn their lives around financially, and other ways too.

If you are one that don’t like to read, then either get over it and read the books, or get the audible versions. Seriously though, who wouldn’t want to read a book that could literally teach you how (step by step) to be financially independent?

Ask yourself a simple question: Is my life going the way that I want it to go, or am I just going around in circles like everyone else I know?

How did you answer that question above?

If you answered yes, then congratulations. If you answered no, then get the books right now and start reading asap! Procrastination will keep you broke forever. But taking action and starting something new and different than you ever have before might just be what saves your finances and your life.

Ideas for reading: Make it one of your DAILY habits. I recommend at least 30 minutes per day, preferably right before you go to bed. Shut off the TV (the idiot box), and any other distraction you might have, and get in a real quite state and start reading. Do this as if your life depends on it, because it does! Get excited about reading. Read to learn, not just to read. Read to separate yourself from all of the broke people out there that will never pick up a book for anything. Take charge of your life and your finances right now and grab these 2 books, then get started reading. MAKE SURE and do the exercises and strategies that are given in the books.

If a person really wants to change their life and their finances, then they have to do something that the 98%ers aren’t doing. That simply means that you have to stand out above the crowd and learn something that you don’t already know. Face it, if you already knew how to be financially independent, you already would be…right? So, you have to do things that the broke and lazy people won’t do… Like READ self help books that Millionaires have created to help others succeed beyond their wildest dreams. They was broke at one point in their life to, but they found other successful people to model off of and follow, and now they are putting into a book that can help others do the same thing.

Don’t put off success. Don’t put off having the things that you desire. Start a reading program right now!

Click on these books and get yours today. You can get them from, or, or from Barnes and Noble, or anywhere that sells books. You can also get them from a library. I use so that I can download books to my iPad which allows me to have them all there and not have to pack books with me on vacations, etc. And, it is cheaper this way too. 🙂 …You can also get “used books” from Amazon as well, and sometimes for as little as $1.00.

Master the Money Game!

No more excuses. Say that to yourself everyday! Say it to yourself looking in the mirror. “No More Excuses”!

-Mike Pilcher

Michael and Rhonda Pilcher

Michael and Rhonda Pilcher