Are you planning anything or just guessing?

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Dale Carnegie once said, “An hour of planning can save you 10 hours of doing.” It may seem counter-intuitive to spend time planning, when time feels scarce already. However, the time you spend planning will allow you to accomplish your work more efficiently and make your dreams a reality.

Are you planning anything at all before you do it? Or do you just try to do everything that you are wanting to do in a day without any planning at all?

The problem that most people have is that they have so much stuff on their to do list that they are trying to cram into each day, and without any planning at all, they end up getting nothing done at all from that list. This may be you? It use to be me!

Take fitness for an example: Let’s say that you are making plans to walk 3 miles everyday, or get 10,000 steps, or whichever comes first, or at least that is your goal. How about if you got yourself a fitness watch, like a Garmin Vivofit? Let’s say that you made up your mind that you would not go to bed at night if that Garmin didn’t say at least 10,000 steps on it each day? However, on the other hand, like most people would do, is that they would make a list of to do’s each day, including their wanting to walk, or get 10,000 steps per day, but due to so many other things going on they end up overwhelmed with that list they just forget about it, and get to the point they don’t even look at it anymore.

Some simple planning on your “to do list” will be a huge advantage for you. Getting organized will allow you to reach your dreams and goals. Just winging it, not paying attention to your list of to do’s, and not taking the time to trim that list down to the most important things first will hold you back. You take the time to look at a map if you are going on a long trip that you’ve never been on before, don’t you? You will at least take the time to enter that address into your GPS, or use the map before you head out on that long trip, won’t you? Or do you just guess on the direction to head out to, and hope for the best? Of course not, you do some planning don’t you?

If you are going to get the best results with your daily steps goal, or working out to get yourself in the best shape of your life, you more than likely do some planning, or even get a Garmin watch for counting steps, and probably rely on some phone apps to help you get the best results possible.

Plan your work and work your plan!