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How would you like to have the ability to “get paid to work on your own projects at home” whenever you like?

There are a lot of people in this world that don’t believe that is even possible, and you may be one of them? I use to be one of those negative people myself years ago before I got educated in the “new world” that we live in. You see, I was still stuck back in the old days where you had to go to school, get your education, then go get a job, and then work and some day things would be great.

How’s that plan working for you?

I didn’t work out to hot for me!

I found some great men, some great Christian roll models that didn’t believe that garbage and proved it to be wrong, and honestly, pure BS. I seen what they was doing and how many people they was helping to get out of the train wrecks and messes they were in, and I decided to fold up shop and join them on this incredible journey to financial freedom.

Jobs just wasn’t for me. Answering to some worthless boss that had a ego problem and thought he was better than me, and honestly, a person with no morels or values at all. A person that would lie to you in a heart beat to get what he wanted, and a disgusting person that called himself a man, but yet cheated on his wife every chance he got. I refused to follow some worthless piece of garbage like that. I am not trying to be offensive, but rather just being honest and up front with you.

If you have ever read the book Personality Plus, then you have figured out real quick that I am a type A personality. These personality types are bold and to the point and leave all of the BS for someone else to spread. I started reading “self help books” years ago and this has been one of the best and most rewarding things that I have ever done for myself. I always hated reading in school and my mother would literally have to force me to read. But now that I screwed up the first part of my life and made so many mistakes, I love reading self help books, not history, not news papers, not novels, but something that is going to make me a better person, and something that will help me to help others get what they want in life.

Back to the beginning point…

I am working on projects in my garage at home on a daily basis (my own projects) and have figured out a way to get paid to work on my own stuff. You want to know what it is, and how to do it for yourself? Wouldn’t it be great to do as you please, when you please and get paid for it? You can! If I can do it as well as millions of others around the world, then so can you!

It is simple, but very very lucrative!

It is called blogging. Now I didn’t say spamming. I said blogging. I didn’t say spreading gossip, or talking smack on others, or talking about some topic that no one cares about. I said blogging.

You see, when you take the time to blog about something that can actually help someone else get what they want, or help them solve a problem that they have, then you will soon become a favorite person to those folks, and in turn they will share your blog with others, and you will make some money from that if you have your blog set up properly. If you have been following any of my post, or maybe this is your first time to this blog, then you will soon find out that I am giving good content, tutorial videos, and other things away that actually help others. It may be how to set up your own money making blog, or how to set up your own web hosting, or how to airbrush like a pro, or maybe how to build a potato gun that will shoot over 300 yards.

I have done all of the above, and shot the videos of how to do each one step by step. I encourage you to go back through my older post and to also go visit “my newest blog” here and see all of the helpful information that I simply give away. My newest blog I recently gave away some cool tools and apps that you can install to your phone or tablets for free. These fitness apps are proven to help people lose weight and get fit. I personally use them as well as my wife, and we have each lost over 10# in the last 6 months using these apps and tools. The newest ones we have just discovered are absolutely amazing.

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Stick with me and follow this blog as well as my newest blog daily to get all kinds of self help information as well as get in the best shape of your life… physically and financially. Learn how to blog daily, tell others, and get paid. 🙂

Talk soon,

-Mike Pilcher