Blog Daily, Tell Others and Get Paid! (blogging system)…

Share This Post With A Friend am sure that you may have heard this before? Blog daily, tell others and get paid.

Many people (the negative ones) will think that there is no way that you can make money blogging. In fact, people have a totally negative look on blogging all together, or at least most people do. The smart ones, the ones that have “common sense”, the ones that understand business will see the writing on the wall and clearly understand that without a blog for your business you will FAIL!

Blogging has become the #1 BEST way to build your brand and build a business of any other way… period!

What gave blogging a bad name, or at least in the eyes of the negative people, is the fact that they view blogging as a way to spam people, and pass rumors, or negative unethical things, such as porn, etc. Face it, there is a great deal of that garbage out there, and the majority of it is on the “free” blogging platforms. Ethical and smart people know that the “free” blogging platforms will not get you where you want to go, and especially will not build you a massive residual income for life. There are people that also tried and failed with making money blogging due to very silly and poor blog names that just will not get recognized in the search engines as an authority site. Most people, or at least successful people that are buyers with credit card in hand ready to buy good, helpful products do not want to read about bat crap, or dog poop, or how the negative crap that the world has going on.

What I have found is a solid blogging system that is already proven, already ranked, all of the SEO is done, the hosting is provided, that has step by step video tutorials, a simple copy and paste system that takes all of the guess work out of blogging. Especially for the brand new person that may not have ever blogged before and has no clue where to start. This is the system for that person.

There are 3 very simple steps when it comes to blogging:

  1. Blog Daily: This means blog with intention. Have a goal in mind before you start blogging. What are you wanting to accomplish? What are you going to blog about? Who are you trying to target? Most importantly, using a proven blogging platform that is all set up to rank in the search engines and make you money.
  2. Tell Others: Telling others is simply taking that blog post you just done and share it with Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin, and other social networking sites. Inside a wordpress blogging platform you can go to Plugins and add a “share it” plugin that will automatically have whatever social networking sites you want under each post you make on your blog. Then all you have to do is click on each one of these after your post is published and share it with others. People will come to your blog and check out your post and hopefully they find it filled with value and will return. Many times after several visits if you have your blog set up to make money you will have these returning visitors that are ready to buy from you and will do so. They trust you after awhile, after they see you are legit, after they see you are not another person that hops from thing to thing to thing, and most importantly, they see that you are consistent, you are active on a daily basis with your business and your blog.
  3. Get Paid: As mentioned above, this is where you have created trust, leads, followers, and now people are buying from you. 🙂

**There will be many more tips and places to post in upcoming post on this blog site. So keep your eyes peeled on the “blog” page of this blog site and watch for video tutorials, tips and tricks for getting targeted traffic to your sites, your blog, and how to set it up so that you can earn trust and get paid from your own blog.

As mentioned earlier, “free” blogging platforms is NOT what you want. Yes, I know it is “free”, but I am telling you like a friend, DO NOT use those platforms or you will never get anywhere. In fact, you will get frustrated and give up all together, and then maybe become on of those people that are negative toward blogging.

Instead, use a proven blogging system like this one that is all set up for you, and has no hoops to jump through, or huge learning curve before you can start making money.