Hauling loads from Higginsville MO to Moultrie GA and back to Kansas City MO area…

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Hauling loads to GA and Kansas City area

I am heading to Moultrie GA later this week to pick up farm machinery for my Daughter and her husband and currently have space on the trailer for a load, cars, equipment, quads, mowers, tractors, etc. I currently have 28 foot of floor space on this trailer that is available. If you are looking for someone to haul a load for you to the following areas and save yourself a bunch of money, then contact me asap before I fill this trailer space up.

Once I get to Moultrie GA I will be picking up a planter that will take a good amount of this floor space on the trailer, but will have some extra space for smaller loads that I could bring back to the Kansas City area.

I will be hauling loads and traveling through the Columbia MO area, through the St Louis MO area, down through Padukah KY, Nashville TN, Chattanooga TN, through Atlanta GA, Macon GA, and down into Moultrie GA.

Below you can view the map of towns and states I will be going through.

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 12.13.16 AM

You can call me on my iPhone at: (660)635-1071

-Mike Pilcher