Great ideas for writing your own articles

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Here are some great ideas for writing your own articles. Articles are great ways to get free traffic to your website, blog, and your offers. Giving good information about something that will help someone is a great way to keep people coming back to your articles, your website, or blog. Sending people to your blog from articles, or from your subscriber list is one of the best ways to build know like and trust. When people keep coming back, eventually they will buy from you.

Remember to use your own words!

Article outline:

  • Write an interesting and attention grabbing headline.
  • Write an introduction about your topic.
  • Describe the main points you will be discussing briefly.
  • Sum up what the reader will know or can do after reading the article.
  • Discuss your first or next main point.
  • Add 2-3 sub points as needed.
  • Go back to number 3 above and write about your next main point.
  • Do this until you have finished all of your main points. (3 main points is typical.) Conclusion: Write a short closing statement. Sum up the main points.
  • Tell the reader what they should be able to do or know now that they have read the article. Now write your resource box.

If you are not used to writing articles the above outline can help you focus and even prevent writer block.

If you just can’t seem to start then just write about anything no matter how silly. This will break the cycle and get your creative juices going.