Stay focused!

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Just because you have failed doesn’t mean that YOU are a failure. There are times in life when you will have to get back up on your feet. And you need to develop a SKILL in order to rise above the obstacles.

People all the time are making excuses about circumstances in their lives, like the economy is to bad for me to succeed. They make excuses all the time that someone or something is the reason for their failures. The truth is that they aren’t able to stay focused long enough to make anything happen. They can’t stay focused long enough to get out of their own way…

Stay focused, work hard, accept failure, and push on. Everyone who has ever done anything great with their life has failed over and over and over. This is why they kept pushing, because they had enough common sense to realize that with failure comes success. With failure comes opportunity. With failure comes the breakthrough.

Don’t be afraid to fail. Think of it like this every time you fail, or think you will fail: “When I fail means that I am that much close to something great”. Remember that we get what we think of. So instead of thinking that you will fail at something, having that failure mentality, how about thinking a little differently? How about thinking how great your life will be when you reach your goals? How about thinking and speaking that “I am blessed”, “I will succeed”, “I am not afraid to fail”, “I will make it”.

Be careful with the words your speak, the thoughts you think, and never allow yourself to murmur, complain, back-stab others, or gossip again. Instead, love others (even if they have done you wrong), help others, give unselfishly, smile, walk with your head high, your shoulders back, and walk with pride. I don’t care if you don’t have one penny in your pocket or a dollar to your name. Walk with pride and expectancy.

Rise and grind.. Get Up! Develop a skill and step toward your goal.

Stay focused!