Learn to listen and hear the problems that others have… (score a win)

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Let’s face it, whatever we do in life we’re in some sort of sales and we must deal with people.

Today, I’m sharing a simple yet powerful way to “score a win” with people. You can apply this with colleagues, dates, business prospects, and family.

Here’s how to score a win:

1. Stop talking and start listening carefully if  you don’t when everyone wants to talk, you’ll stand out like a sore thumb.

2. Pay attention. Don’t just listen and take the time to actually hear people and engage them. Try this and watch the magic happen. People will tell you want they want if you just listen close enough.

3. Give value. Help people solve some of their problems. Share a tip. Give them a resource. Or connect them with a person who can help them. And whatever you do – don’t pitch. Even if you find a “hot prospect”, resist your urge to go into a sales spiel! And always be genuine.

Here is a great video for you to watch <<

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-Mike Pilcher
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PS: It all starts in your mind and this can help