Do You Have A Dream?

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My question to you is real simple. Do you have a dream?

Are you the type of person that will set your goals and make sure that you accomplish those goals, not listen to all the nay-Sayers, the dream stealers, the losers of the world? Are you that type of person that will never quit…no matter what gets in your way?

I want to challenge you right now to do something better with your life that just working a 9 to 5 dead end job and building someone elses dream. I want to challenge you to take a step of faith and build your own dream. The only way that you can live your dream is to do what others are not willing to do, do the things that you fear the most, and refuse to give up, refuse to quit.

Life is full of challenges, but if you set goals, carry them with you everywhere that you go, read them out loud multiple times daily, and then believe that you will reach those goals, then it is just a matter of time before you reach those goals that you have set.

You can’t give up though, you can’t surrender yourself and quit. You must be willing to plow through whatever comes before you, you must be persistent, you must believe that if others have reached their goals, then so can you.

You must separate yourself from the losers, and all the negative that you have in your life. Get around dreamers, get around the winners, get around those that are talking about where they are going, and not where they have been. Get around successful people that have a huge dream and that are in the trenches building and chasing their dream.

Another huge part of the puzzle is working on yourself. Develop a reading habit starting right now. Read “self help books“, listen to self help audios, watch inspirational videos and do this daily. Go to conferences, and seminars. Make it a habit to invest in yourself. The ones that continue to work on themselves, work on their own minds, are the ones that will break through walls, break the chains of mediocrity, and go on to reach their goals…they go on to WIN!

Decide right now to win. Decide right now to never give up and quit. Decide right now that you will NOT listen to the negative, you will not allow the losers to stop you. You will not allow friends. co-workers, or even family steal your dream. Make a decision right now that you WILL LIVE YOUR DREAM!