How to get Targeted Traffic and over the top Conversions and email open rates using Internet Traffic Formula…

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In this screen share video I am sharing how I got 93.75% email open rate on a test campaign I was doing trying different traffic strategies, and using the information that I found inside of a product that I recently purchased.

In this product called Internet Traffic Formula I learned “how to” do things that get serious results on getting 3 and 4 times better conversions on my landing pages, getting 3 to 4 times better results on my autoresponder email open rates that I have ever had.

This brand new internet traffic formula product is by far the best product that I have ever purchased for the simple reason, it showed me in step by step procedures how to do each and every step that I needed to do. Very newbie friendly! This ITF product also got me results that showed up very quickly, and now that I am through several small scale test, I am scaling up my campaigns to drive tons of traffic to my landing page and campaigns.

How to get traffic is one thing, but how to get targeted traffic that are looking for what you have is a whole other thing that is vital for any businesses success. Getting actual buyers leads/buyers traffic is what the internet traffic formula will guide you through along with so much other stuff that no one else is using on the internet.

These same strategies are even helping peoples offline businesses explode as well using the same and similar techniques.

Face it, getting 93% email open rates is something that very very few people are able to do. And, getting over 83% conversions on my landing page like I am now able to do is another thing that no one else on the internet is able to do. This product is a MUST HAVE if you are wanting to learn the real ways to market online, get serious targeted traffic, and convert those leads/traffic into buyers of whatever you are selling.

This product just launched, so Click Here <<~ Now to get your copy before it gets pulled down. We don’t want everyone having this product, if you know what I mean. đŸ™‚

You can also click here << and go to my other blog where I have even more screen share proof videos of way above average results that very few people get. I am sure that these videos, strategies, advertising sources, etc, will help you a great deal if used.