How long are you willing to wait to Get Rich?

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40 years?

Probably not. Let’s face it – by the time you got your money, you’d be too old and tired to enjoy it. At least in the ways you’d be able to enjoy it right now.

But what about 30 years… or 20?

Again, that’s an awfully long time to wait for the payoff. You’ve got major, urgent uses for that money right now, today, don’t you? But with most of the wealth-building plans out there, 20 to 40 years is what you’re looking at.

The bottom line is, if you want to get rich, you want to do it in a reasonable amount of time.

For most people I talk to, “reasonable” means about 10 years or less.

And yet… as much as they want to get rich in that time frame, few of those people think that that’s really possible.

Like almost all of us, they’ve been trained to think of wealth creation as an outcome of either long-haul scrimping and saving while they wait for the miracle of compound interest to kick in… or too-risky get-rich-quick schemes that they (wisely) don’t have an appetite for.

Well, I know from my own experience and that of many, many others that there IS another way to get rich.

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