Tony Robbins 4 Step Coaching Layout – Success Habits That Get Tremendous Results…

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There are 4 specific success habits that when you apply will get you tremendous results in your life.

  1. Feed your Mind with good positive stuff on a daily basis. Read self help books, listen to self help audios, and associate with people that are way ahead of you in life (millionaires).
  2. Make your body stronger. Get in shape by walking, running, and working out at least 3 times weekly. When the body is strong, it builds this force field around and through you that makes it hard for the enemy to penetrate.
  3. Find a Roll Model and get a plan. Find someone that you can trust, and as mentioned in step 1, that is way out in front of you, that you can model from, and learn from. You become who you associate with, and hang out with.
  4. Help someone that is worse off than you are. This could be a homeless person, or just someone that is down on their luck, and they need a hand up. Remember: you always get back what you sow! It is not always about giving money, you can give time, or give something that you already have, like food, or clothes, etc.

If you have ever heard of Tony Robbins, then you know that he is a huge icon in the coaching world. Tony Robbins has coached people like Michael Jordan, Bill Clinton, Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, and many more. These “4 steps” mentioned above I have learned from Tony. These steps will take your life to a whole new level when applied daily.