Setting Your Goals For 2014 Will Lead You To Success – Massive Action

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Setting Goals for 2014…

Tomorrow Jan 01 2014 marks a brand new day of the new year 2014.

Ask yourself, will I set new goals, write them down on paper, and make sure that I do whatever it takes to reach my goals, or will I simply hope and wish like I have in the past and let another year slip by me without taking massive action?

So many people hope and wish. So many people set goals but never write them down, or if they do write them down they never leave them out where they see them day and night. They stick there goals on their cluttered up desk where they get lost amongst all the other clutter.

If your life is cluttered, and you are wishing for something better for 2014, then right now is the time to take massive action and get yourself organized. Get organized in your daily life by getting your goals set, write them goals down on paper, stick to your goals, unclutter your work space, your desk, or wherever you work, and do not allow distractions to enter into your life again.

Have a daily goal, a weekly goal, a monthly goal, and a yearly goal. It is very very important that you write your goals down on paper, then make sure they are in front of you 24/7.

Make goal cards. Have one to carry with you everywhere you go (in your money clip on top, or in a purse, or wallet). Make sure your goal card is on top so that you see it every time you reach for your wallet, money clip, or purse. Read your goal card out loud at least 2 times daily, and make sure you see yourself (visualize) already having reached that goal.

Already seeing yourself having reached your goal is vitally important to your success. Don’t be afraid to set your goal high, and don’t be afraid to miss it. You can always reset your goal and go for it again. Be bold and take massive action. Do things that will get you results. Be productive daily!

Setting your goals for 2014 will lead you to success. 🙂