Setting Your Goals For 2014 | Write Your Goals Down On Paper…

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With 2014 almost upon us, have you already made your goals sheet for 2014? Do you have this written down on paper?

Of course you know that nothing ever happens unless it is written down…right?

Set your goals for 2014, and do not be afraid to set them high. NONE of my goals ever came to pass until I started setting higher goals. Most people set their goals way to low thinking that if they set them low, then they will more than likely hit them, when in fact most never hit those types of goals.

Set your goals high, then work your butt of to hit them, and you will be amazed at how things will change for you. These goals must be written down, read out loud daily, and of course you already know that it will take work on your part to see that you reach them.

Have a very distinct plan of action. Have it written down exactly how you are going to do this, how and what you will do daily, and be very precise on this plan of action.

Goal setting works if you use it properly! REMEMBER: You must not only write your goals down, read them daily (multiple times daily), but you must also take massive action to see to it that you hit these goals. Be one of the 2%ers in 2014, and not one of the 98%ers.

Have a great Christmas, and may 2014 be your best year you’ve had yet.