Pyramid Scams | Objections

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We have all heard that word “Pyramid” haven’t we.

Anytime we decide to do some like build a business, or really do anything that is different than what the masses are doing there will be objections.

Many of these objections will come from our family, friends, or even co-workers. There will always be someone trying to steal our joy, steal our dreams, and try to put us down to make them feel better.

We must realize that we have to take control of our lives and not allow ourselves to fall victim to the junk, or the negative of others. We must rise above others, and stop allowing others to dump their garbage on us, stop allowing others to put us down, steal our joy, and not allow others to drag us down to their level.

Handling Objections is something that takes work, it takes patience, it takes people skills, it takes time in developing our minds by using self help books, finding  a good mentor, finding someone that is in life where you want to be. We must stop listening to people who are worse off than we are.

People will say to you…is that one of those pyramid scams? When we are building a business, chasing our dreams, it often irritates others that are jealous, they are down in life and what you to be down too, they want to see you fail, and they will do anything possible to make sure they steal your dreams.

What is Pyramid Scams? The best example would be the Social Security Administration! Everything that is organized will look like a pyramid when drawn out on paper.

Handling objections is fun once we have learned the things that we need to learn. We will become so strong once we really believe that what it is we are doing is so much better than anything else out there, and what we have is what everyone needs. When we get that conviction is when we will not just have fun, but that is when we will have that glow about us, we will have that gleam in our eyes, and people will be attracted to that.

When it comes right down to it, a job that 98% of the world are working will line up a whole lot more with a pyramid scheme, or scam than a legit business will. Remember: Anything that is organized will look like a pyramid when it is drawn out.

Faith is one of the biggest powers you can have. Having that mountain moving faith is when your life, your business, and your finances will change forever.