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MeetCheap is a time saving, cost effective tool for use in several aspects of business. Whether it is for training, sales presentations, distance learning, or quarterly meetings, MeetCheap is an incredible service that will reduce small business and high corporate communication costs.

Before we discuss exactly what makes MeetCheap an effective means of increasing productivity, as well as being very cost effective, while generating and creating huge profitable gains. Let us first find out what cheap web conferencing stands for.

The term “cheap web conferencing” or “live webinars” refers to a form of discussion that is conducted online wherein participants communicate with each other through their computers via all of the following:

  • Instant messages (real-time chat)
  • Live video stream
  • Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)
  • Live PowerPoint presentation, File sharing, desktop collaboration, co-browsing, etc.

Because the meeting is virtual, meaning that it is entirely conducted on a web-simulated environment, there is no longer any need to leave the office in order to attend it. MeetCheap is replacing face-to-face meetings, and businesses are beginning to follow this trend in an effort to reduce travel costs and leveraging their time more efficiently. But, as previously stated, MeetCheap exhibits its advantages not only in meetings but in other aspects of business as well.

The virtual training and sales aspect can open up many massive markets, globally over night. Training of employees, Clients, for instance can be made easier with the use of cheap web conferencing. Reaching out to colleagues, customers, and clients has just been made simpler with the introduction of cheap web conferencing into the market place. Using its application or desktop sharing feature, MeetCheap allows the presenter to walk guests through the operation of any software application, including those that are web-based. Online training with the aid of cheap web conferencing helps reduce travel costs and optimize productivity.

With live video stream you can be sure to build the know like and trust with any guest, employees, students, clients and prospects.

The reach of your sales team can be extended even as you reduce the cost of travel. Cheap web conferencing offers you that advantage, allowing your sales team to give multiple daily presentations without leaving the office. With the use of PowerPoint presentations, MeetCheap has no restrictions on the amount of usage. Run your web conference room 24/7 if you wish too at no extra cost. Allowing you to present on the fly to your potential clients online.

Distance learning is also another aspect which cheap web conferencing directly affects. With MeetCheap, you can reach out to students across the globe using the virtual classroom. PowerPoint options lets you create a lesson plan, and import it into the online classroom. You can also utilize the Whiteboard feature and actually point and draw. If you would really like to engage your viewers, then you can simply upload video and broadcast it to your viewers or steam your video feed live.

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