Your Words

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Hearing the nay sayers in the world we live on makes me laugh so hard that I will almost throw up. People are funny sometimes, and on the other hand they are just flat out stupid.

What do I mean by this statement?

The 98% ers are negative, they are all about having a job because that is where the “security” is…so they think, they are always bashing someone, and it is always someone that is actually doing something great, which is the reason they are bashing to start with, because they have no morels, they have no self esteem, etc.

What are the 98%ers?

These are people that bash others, these are the people that do nothing, and expect everything to be handed to them, thee are the people who can’t hold a job, and the people that jump from job to job to job because they think it is a bad job. The truth of the matter is that it’s actually them! These people have bad thought process, they have no morels, they have no integrity, they have no back bone. Sometimes we have to take responsibility and make a change, even though change is hard, in order to truly succeed in life we MUST take responsibility and change ourselves. This comes from self help books, this comes from audios from financially independent people who have already been there and done it, this comes from hanging out with people that are way out in front of you (financially successful).

We become who we hang out with, so if you are hanging out with people who can’t pay their bills, can’t hold a job, people that are jumping from job to job to job, from thing to thing to thing, that is what you will become. Hang out with drunks, drug users, that is what you become.

This may offend someone, and I will ay sorry to those people, however get some stinkin backbone, get around some people that are actually talking about where they are going and not where they have been, get around successful people that aren’t putting other down, instead they are raising people up, they are believing in others, and that is what you will become.

Want to change your life? Then pull your head out of your butt and realize that it’s your fault if you are failing!

Get a check up from the neck up!


Yes, get a check up from the neck up! This means, check your mind, check your words that you are speaking daily. Are you speaking junk all the time, are you always speaking about where you have been, all that junk in your life? We get what we speak you know! So stop speaking the negative, stop speaking the garbage that is going on in the world, stop speaking about how broke you are, or how you can’t afford this or that, stop speaking about others in a bad way, stop speaking all of the negative, and start speaking about how good your life is going to be. Start speaking about how fortunate you are just to be breathing, and how fortunate you are how good it is just to be here everyday.

Your words that you speak everyday will make or break you!

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God Bless,

Mike Pilcher
BIM Diamond