Creating your own wealth files

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Creating your own wealth files:

Wealth File #1 Rich people believe “I create my life.” Poor people believe “Life happens to me.” Instead of taking responsibility for what’s going on in their lives, poor people choose to play the role of the victim. They aren’t victims. They play the role of the victim. They choose to think “poor me.” So that’s literally what they get. They get to be poor.

What are some of the thought habits of the victim role?

Blaming People playing the victim are professional blamers. They blame everybody but themselves. So of course they don’t do what it takes to change the situation.

Justifying They’ll say, “Money isn’t important.” So if something isn’t important, is it likely you’ll have it? If a parrot weren’t important to you, would you have one? If money weren’t important to you, would you have any?

Complaining What you focus on expands. So when you’re complaining, you’re focusing on what you don’t want instead of what you do want. When you do that, you get more of what you don’t want.

The point is, if you want to be rich, don’t play the victim. There’s no such thing as a rich victim.

Action #1 Every time you catch yourself blaming, justifying or complaining, slice your index finger across your neck, as a trigger to remind yourself that you are slitting your own financial throat. Even though this gesture may seem a little crude, it’s no more crude than what you’re doing to yourself by blaming, justifying or complaining. But it will eventually work to alleviate these destructive habits.

Action #2 Do a “debrief.” At the end of each day, write down one thing that went well and one thing that didn’t. Then write the answer to the following question: “How did I create each of these situations?” If others were involved, ask yourself, “What was my part in creating each of these situations?” This exercise will keep you accountable for your life and make you aware of the strategies that are working for you and the strategies that are not.

Action #3 – Declaration: Put your hand on your heart and say, “I create the exact level of my financial success!”

Touch your head and say… “I have a millionaire mind!”