Negative People Always Have A Comment – Praise Is Powerful

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Isn’t it amazing how the negative person will always have a comment on everything? What I have learned is that those non-believers, or so called Christians are always the first to bash everything, or complain about everything going on around them, and  in their lives. I am sure that many of these types of people do believe, and maybe even go to church, but it seems as though that the vast majority of those are the first ones to complain. Going to church is not what makes us strong and positive. Having that bullet proof faith is what makes us strong, and even when things look bad, or there worst is when the positive people strand up stronger and taller than ever before. If you are going to live in victory you have to learn how to Praise God even when things are there worst, and not just when things are perfect. Praise brings us victory!

You cannot keep a Praiser down!

Many people are always putting others down, murmuring, and complaining about everything. It always amazes me that those that have their own businesses (especially Home Based Business) and how the complainers (the negative people) are always putting down those home based business owners and the advertising they do. Isn’t it true that if you are going to have a business and make sales you have to advertise? After all, your boss advertises his or her business…right? The silly thing is that they are adverting their business and using you to grow their business and paying you minimum wage or a little above which sounds like a scam to me. And you are  the one that calls the Home Based Business owners and what they are doing a scam…really? Victory can come for you to if you will turn to God and start speaking good things over others instead of negative. Start speaking positive words over your life, your friends, and your family. Start talking about where you are going and not where you have been. Start talking about how things are awesome, things are good whether they are or not.

The truth is, that when we talk good, positive, and always give praise is when good things are going to take place for us. Keep the good things coming out of your mouth. There is a miracle in your mouth. Be thankful, be positive, be honest, always give praise, and always be willing to help someone…give.

Giving Praise is powerful, so try it in your life and see for yourself how it can turn things around in your life, and the lives of others around you. Praise is a Attitude! Negative people are everywhere…don’t you be one of them. No one except negative people like negative people. Negative people are going no where, so remember that you will always become who you hang out with, and your life will be similar or like theirs. Speak victory in your life, speak Praise, and the increase will follow soon.