7 New Apps You Need To Help Stay More Organized – iphone – Android – App Store

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Believe it or not, sorting through the App Store for productivity apps isn’t particularly productive. With thousands of apps with varying degrees of complexity (some of which really shouldn’t call themselves an app), it can be difficult to sort the clutter of links, images, videos, social media, shopping and documents all online. Simple day-to-day life isn’t always so simple anymore. I wanted to pass this on to you from a friend, and coach of mine.

Here’s a list of 7 organization apps to help you run your life more effectively.

  1. Clipix is a free online tool that organizes your digital content, such as links, documents, photos, videos and clipboards. Similar to Pinterest boards, Clipix lets you build different visual clipboards to organize ideas such as interesting articles, gift ideas (including a price tracker that’ll let you know when the price has dropped), books you’d like to read and more. Users can make clipboards public or remain private. Free. Online, Apple, iphone, and Android.
  2. Evernote is a note-based app that you can use both online as Evernote Web and on your smartphone app. Evernote is introducing Evernote Business in December, which will make online collaboration on projects and documentation easily sharable. The new Evernote Clipper makes it easier to copy and paste important photos, links, videos and more from the web to your Evernote notes. Free. Online, Apple and Android.
  3. Cozi is a mom favorite, winning awards for its online family calendar and organizer. You can create a calendar that keeps track of everyone’s appointments and schedules, print it out or even put it on your desktop, so you can access it without going online. You can also use Cozi.com to create and store grocery lists, write a family blog, and more. Free. Apple and Android.
  4. reQall is an app that manages your ideas, tasks and more. You record whatever you need by voice or text, and can use email, IM and more. The reQall app also makes it easy to organize your lists—by dates, locations, times and keywords. Free. Apple and Android.
  5. Pageonce is a financial app that lets you pay bills directly from the app (for a small fee) and track your cash, credit cards, bills, and investments—on your iPhone and iPad. Trusted by nearly 7 million people, Pageonce provides a secure way to manage your money on the go. Free (Bill pay costs 30 cents each transaction.) Apple and Android.
  6. Dropbox: Before iCloud, there was Dropbox. And there still is Dropbox, which is still widely used by both Mac and PC users all over the globe. It’s like having a flash drive in your iPhone. Free (upgrade for more storage). Apple and Android.
  7. Free-Time: Want to know how much time you have free on a given day? Free-Time looks at your calendar and does the math for you. Handy if you focus on time management but could be mighty depressing if you routinely overschedule yourself.