Flex Your Brain Muscles – Prepare To Earn In 2012

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Flex Your Brain Muscles

It’s a common myth that we use only 10 percent of our brains. Actually, we use all of it. But just like your body, you can improve your mental fitness to increase your brain power and keep it healthy as you age.

Perfect your posture. Try solving a problem while slouching versus sitting upright and see how it impacts your mental clarity. Now sit up straight.

Use trapped downtime. Plan ahead with an MP3 or iPod loaded with a good book or advice from a personal-development expert for when you’re stuck in traffic, in line or in a waiting room.

Tell a good story. Sharing experiences in a compelling and fun way sharpens your mental recall.

Mix up your routine. Take a different route to work, or eat your salad after the main course. Changing your typical way of doing things tells your brain to wake up and pay attention.

Write. Writing notes, poetry, stories or in a journal helps your memory, clarifies your thinking and engages your creativity.

Work on your intuition. Every time you follow through on a hunch or listen to your inner dialogue, you are working your intuitive muscle.

Walk. The rhythmic pace of walking gets you breathing and limbered up, creating a physical and mental state conducive for clear thinking.

Laugh. Endorphins released when you laugh lower your stress and can help your long-term health. Ever notice you feel better after a big laugh?

Sometimes we allow the smallest things to hold us back. If you are wanting to earn more income, or see any kind of success, then simply follow some of these exercises above. Prepare To Earn in 2012 with a brand new mindset.