Cool Your Temper in 3 Easy Steps – Dynamic People Skills

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The world is full of people, situations and dilemmas that can push all of our buttons. Instead of losing your head (which only makes matters worse) check yourself with three proven methods for bringing your temper off the broiler.

Don’t Take It Personally. If someone offends you, remember that most of the time it’s not intentional. Remember that guy who cut you off on the drive to work? Guess what: He doesn’t know your name, probably didn’t see you there and definitely didn’t plan to ruin your day—unbeknownst to you. Take the high road and let it go. It’s not worth the anguish, anxiety or repercussions to point out the error of his ways. Besides, that’s what the highway patrol is for.

Maybe it is a Ex wife, or Ex husband that is getting the best of you? Sometimes we think we have to get back at someone by hurting them, when really it is nothing more than hurting people hurt people. LET GO…yes, just let go of that hurt, and turn to God for your support. Letting go isn’t always easy, but it is very rewarding, and the true way to live a successful, peaceful life. Roll over all of your cares and trouble to God, and let him take care of the ex-wife, or ex-husband, or maybe it is a money issue, or job issue. Never the less, let go! The past is the past, start living for what is in front of you, and not what is behind you.

Put Yourself in Timeout. When you’re irate, your hearts beats faster and your blood pressure increases. It may sound cliche, but taking a series of long, deep breaths is like a shot of clarity. It slows the heart, manages stress and improves your mental state. Plus, it puts distance and perspective between the event that set you off and the likelihood of overreacting. Try it—it’s good medicine.

Reach Out. If anger and irritability are serious problems for you, all the insightful tips in the world won’t make a difference. Find an anger-support group, a medical professional or someone to talk to who can help you put your feelings in perspective. There are plenty of healthy ways to deal with anger—pretending you don’t have a problem isn’t one of them.

How can we over come some of these temper issues even easier? Developing Dynamic People Skills is just one of the things we can do, and it is easy when we learn to become readers. Below is a great book list I use daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly to become a better me, and to help others get past their issues from my own anger issues in the past.

Here is that book list I use: