Get Rich System – New Rules

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The New Rules to Get Rich System

  • Discover the Five Tracks to True Wealth. Each track covers a major aspect of your life and gives you specific keys to prosper in each area.
  • Your Dream Map. You have dreams that are unrealized. Map out what they are, decide which ones can become reality, and create a plan to achieve them in the shortest time possible.
  • The Producer Power Hour. Find out how you can radically transform your life in less than an hour each day. Positive results from this daily routine are instant and life changing.
  • The Consistency Factor. Do you struggle staying consistent in your life, work, and relationships? I think we all do. With this powerful secret you can immediately gain consistency in your life.
  • Disc 3 is all about “The Power of Your Soul Purpose.” A 20-year study of multi-millionaires revealed that highly successful people have all discovered and live their “Soul Purpose.” Now you can quickly uncover aspects of yours and immediately begin living a life of true financial freedom and prosperity… no matter what the economy is doing.
  • The “Soul Purpose” section in the Guidebook includes The Compass, a Soul Purpose Analyzer and Identifier, the Activity Wheel, and the revolutionary Soul Purpose Stairway. You’ll know exactly what to do and how to open the New Vault for your gain.
  • Create a complete Blueprint of your “Ideal Financial Future.” I give you four specific tools to help you design and create your perfect financial situation. I’m even giving you my exclusive “Abundance Accelerator”! You’ll have the power to start living your dreams right now, today… not in 20 or 30 years… today.
  • Have you ever wondered how to accurately Analyze Real Estate? The guesswork is over. I’ll give you all the details to discovering exactly what to do with a real estate opportunity, how to handle equity in your own home, and what major pitfalls you should avoid in mortgages and real estate investments.
  • Now for the big one… What to do about your 401(k) and other so-called “qualified plans”? This is one of the least understood and most widely botched financial tools in our society today. I call it the great “401(k) Hoax,” and it could be costing you thousands… maybe millions of dollars. You’ll instantly know after applying my “Qualified Plan Analyzer.”
  • What do you do with countless investment and insurance products out there? How do you handle life insurance? Car and health insurance? What about the stock market, mutual funds, and that whole world of investments? On Disc 6, I will give you all the details… and probably more information than you’ve ever thought of.
  • Many of us have great ideas. I know a man who had a great idea every day for years… but never knew what to do with the ideas. So he did nothing. My powerful “Idea Optimizer” empowers you to turn your ideas into reality… and prosperity.
  • Throughout the entire program I will give you the secrets of “Financial Velocity.” You see, your money is happiest when it is moving. Years ago, I took a meager $650 a month in extra income and began accelerating it. Within a few short years, that small sum turned into a 45,000-square-foot office building that helps create millions of dollars a year in business income and countless opportunities for me and many, many others. That is the power of “Velocity,” and I’ll tell you exactly how you can do the same thing in your life.
  • Finally, I’ve given you a lot of pieces here, so I’m going to help you bring it all together. Like a complex combination of numbers, when sorted right and put in the right order, it becomes simple and powerful… and the key to opening the New Vault so you can extract all the cash and prosperity you can handle. I call it the “Financial Optimizer.”

This post is from Garrett Gunderson. Get a copy of the New Rules here.

We are using this same thought process along with our own Get Rich System.