Seven Old Rules That Keep Everyone Broke – Financial Lies

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Seven Old Rules to Look Out For

Here are seven of the Old Rules that I want you to look out for. Again, because of time restraints, this is not a complete overview of these rules… and it is not meant to be specific financial advice.

But it is a bright-red warning flag to help you avoid troubles…

  1. High Risks = High Returns

    This philosophy is nothing but pure gambling in a nice suit of clothes. Wise banks and truly wealthy individuals never take high risks… and when they have – like the whole sub-prime mortgage mess – they have lost and lost big.

    No sir! This myth is old-school and should be shunned at all costs. You can – and should – get very high returns on your financial efforts with little or no risk.

    The New Rules embrace this reality and show you just how to do it.

  2. A Penny Saved Is a Penny Earned

    Oh, really? So, why is it that all those loyal Wal-Mart customers (and no disrespect to Wal-Mart or anyone that shops there) are not rolling in the dough?

    With all the money they have saved by shopping frugally, more than half our population should be wealthy, prosperous, and living their dreams.

    But, they’re not, are they? In fact, most live mediocre lives and are terrified by the rocking of today’s financial boat, right?

  3. Avoid Debt like the Plague

    This lie is so ingrained in us that I hardly know where to begin. Maybe the fact that it is a half-truth makes it so sinister and, at the same time, so compelling.

    Certainly, consumer debt driven by greedy thoughts to impress the Joneses is destructive and limiting. And, of course, going in over your head on your car payments and mortgage is just as dangerous.

    But there are other kinds of debt that are valuable tools for the wealthy and financially wise. And it is the avoidance of this kind of debt that keeps so many people poor.

    They are perpetually consuming and never producing. Taking and never giving back to life or society.

    The New Rules scoff at this kind of fear and greed. There is a much, much better way to think of debt.

  4. Money Is Power

    Is it really? Set a $100 bill on your desk right now and see just how powerful it is. How long will it sit there before it gets up and walks away? How long before it jumps down and buys food, pays bills, or even bribes crooked politicians?

    Let me tell you a great secret. Money is, and always has been, useless, in and of itself. It does nothing and is nothing.

    People are power… not money.

    The New Rules clearly and powerfully define this relationship and put people like you and me in our proper places.

    Maybe more than anything else, this section of the New Rules will free you from the sinking ship, and give you the secret combination to the New Vault.

  5. The Finite Pie

    If I win, you lose… right?

    Wrong. That thought is based on the idea that, in our world, someone must lose if you or I win. And that is simply not true.

    Look, in the late 1960s and ’70s the world went through an “energy crisis.” Analysts the world over predicted that oil would run out in 10 or 20 years and we would be plunged into darkness.

    Gas was rationed, and panic was widespread.

    But the end of the world never came. Some bright engineer in Detroit came up with a thing called the “fuel injector,” which instantly moved gas mileage from around 8 mpg to more than 30 mpg… effectively increasing the life of our known oil supplies by more than 375%.

    You see, we never did have an “oil” or “energy” problem. We had a human ingenuity problem. And it was human ingenuity that solved it.

    The pie is only as small or as big as we humans imagine it to be.

    Because of that, there is always more than enough to go around. In the history of the world, we humans have never run out of new, inspiring, helpful ideas.

    The New Rules spell out exactly how you can harness your own brilliant ideas to create your own “infinite pie” that has no limits on cash, health, happiness, and true prosperity.

  6. Financial Security

    Old Rule greedy CEOs and politicians are playing this giant lie to the hilt right now.

    Businesses are going under left and right, and the nightly news is splashing backslapping politicians all over the place. They’re telling us that our only hope is to have government rescue us.

    We are taught from birth that a “good education and a good job” are the only hope we have of financial security.

    But life tells the truth. Government, corporate America, good benefits, and other so-called entitlements are nothing but false security. We’ve all seen good people get fired or be let down by a government agency, right?

    The New Rules give us a new “Dream Map.” They show that real financial security lies within you – not outside of you – and that it is within easy and simple reach.

    If you could reach out and simply grasp true financial security, you’d do it, yes?

  7. You’re in It for the Long Haul

    You get a good job, stick with a company for 40 years, and you retire in style… right?

    Hmmm, I don’t know… how’s that working out for you and the other people you know? Not good, right?

    Actually, this lie has not been working out for a long time, so few people buy into it any more.

    So, the powers that be switched to a new line of lies… a “great hoax” as I call it.

    It is called a 401(k). It was the answer to collapsing company retirement plans and had the advantage of being portable from one job to another. Since its inception in the early 1980s, we have been buying into this “long haul” philosophy by the millions.

    But, I wonder… why wait until 65 (or longer) to start living the good life, or, as they say, retire? Isn’t life meant to be lived right here and right now?

    Yes, it is. The New Rules kick aside this ugly notion of putting off happiness and prosperity. It reaches into the here and now and gives you back your life.

    As I’ve said, the New Rules give you the power to unlock a New Vault full of freedom, lifestyle, wealth, and prosperity. And they allow you to do it today… not when you’re 65 and afraid of using your “fixed income.”

The NEW RULES will be posted here on this blog page very soon!