Unlimited Paychecks – Self Help

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The truth of the matter is that some people will never receive Unlimited Paychecks for life!


  1. Less than positive attitude (Negative)
  2. Always make excuses
  3. Blame everyone else but themselves for their failures
  4. Always speaking junk (Negative)
  5. Always finding wrong with others
  6. Always worried about what everyone is doing instead of themsleves
  7. Always living in the past
  8. Always complaining about their problems
  9. Always wishing for their situation to be like someone else
  10. Always talking about where they have been instead of where they are going

I could keep on going and going. Do you know people like this? Some people always blaming others, or putting others down, or being critical about other people when they should be worrying about their own life and situations.

Unlimited Paychecks for life are simple to receive, and keep receiving once we get the right mindset, and we stop blaming others for our own problems, and we face up to our problems and take ownership of our own lives.

How can we fix someone else that has faults like mentioned above? We can’t! They have to want to fix themselves, and they have to start taking control of their own minds. Getting on a good MONTHLY reading program is a good place to start. We have all probably heard that we get what we think, and speak. This is so true. The words that come out of our mouths are so crucial to our success.

Below is a reading program I have been on for several years, and by changing the way I think is the biggest reason I have has the success that I have had. No, I didn’t get lucky and have a whole bunch of people just fall under me, or just wake up one day to all of these Unlimited Paychecks. It has taken time, and I have had to discipline myself and read daily to get rid of my stinkin thinkin.

Here is that book list on my personal website for you to enjoy as I have… http://www.MikePilcher.com/books/

Sometimes we wonder if it is worth going on, but I must tell you that if you will follow this book list each and every month that in time your focus will change, and you will start to get some faith, and start believing that dreams can come true when we just change the way we think and speak about things.

Unlimited Paychecks made simple <<<video that will add some clarity.