Teach and You Shall Receive – Have Heroes In Your Life

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It has been said that when we teach others is when we will really start to reep the fruits of our labor. What does this really mean?

When we teach someone something like how to do a certain task that will always come back to us. When you are a giver good things are always going to come your way. Just like tithing…when we give money we always get money back. Of course we have to give without want, so in other words not expecting anything in return, but knowing and trusting in God enough to just know it will come right back to us.

Giving money isn’t always a easy thing. We work hard for that money and we are not just in the habit of throwing it down a black hole, however when we need money the very worst is the best time to give it, maybe to your church, or someone, or some good cause. The money will always come right back to us when we are givers. There are so many who do not believe in this, but it is a law that works. It is kind of like gravity…what goes up must come down…right?

Growing up I always had heroes, and I always wanted to be just like them. As I got older I started really copying some of my newest heroes and as I did I had tremendous success in many areas of my life. I copied my drag racing heroes who was world record holders, and 3 years later I became a world record holder, then 2 years after that I had 10 new world records under my belt. Later I was copying another hero of mine through his spiritual walk with Christ, and his dedication to others in giving himself unselfishly to help those people succeed. As I watched him give his time to others not expecting anything in return I started noticing others things about this man. I noticed his giving of his money into needy causes, ministries, and youth organizations as well. I also noticed how well his life really was, and how everything he had given had came back to him hundreds fold.

Being a giver is so important just as important as having heroes. When we have heroes and copy what they have done to create success, and that lifestyle we often would love to have, then we can start seeing those same things come to pass for us. Have a hero, be a giver, and not expect anything in return knowing that it will come right back to you is exactly how I live my life.

God sees everything, and I know that the time and money I invest into my businesses, or my church, or into people will ALWAYS come back hundred fold. When you need money give money and watch what happens. Teach others and watch what happens. Be a good person, smile, talk positive, think good thoughts, and watch what happens in your life!