Amway Leader – Finally Exposes The Truth!

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We have all heard of Amway and or Quixtar. Amway has been around for 50 years, and has some of the finest products in the world. 2 guys with a little red wagon was actually the pioneers of the mlm marketing. These 2 guys are the ones that actually invented and started the marketing, and of course now there are many different vehicles to chose from for marketing, or making money.

For me it was simple. I was in a very desperate situation with my finances several years ago due to circumstances out of my control and needed money quickly. I turned to a vehicle I knew nothing about called Quixtar which had been Amway and due to a bad name changed it to Quixtar, and of course now back to Amway. I had been in business for myself for 18 years and very successful, but with the situation I had come into my life there was no apparent way out. Desperation will sometimes make us do things we never thought possible, and for me that was the Quixtar/Amway business model.

I looked at it like this: If someone else had done it so could I if I could find those that had seen the success that I was looking for, and if I would simply allow them to help me (coach me). 6 months after I had made the decision to do that I was a qualified Platinum, and then 5 months after that I was a Qualified Q-12 Platinum then qualifying for my 1st $20,000 Month Bonus Check. I was named the Amway Superstar due to the fact that know-one had ever built Quixtar, or Amway that fast. You have to remember I wasn’t looking for the badges, or the Superstar status, but it was given to me anyway as I was being chased, seeked out, and followed by everyone that was building Quixtar/Amway. I have been on the all expense paid trips by the corporation, and stayed at the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel in Ada MI. My commitment level was indeed high to reach all of these levels in the first year I was in that business, but the truth was how many people was going to put over 100,000 miles on their cars in a year like I did the 1st year I was involved?

Yes indeed it paid off a great deal of those bills, but it also started causing many other problems as well. My family, and friends started turning away from me due to “what they thought they knew”, or what they had looked up in Google about that business model. I just kept going until the point when I was so frustrated that I was making money and people on my team was not. The autoships was over $300 per month at the low end, it was $200 just to get started, then in order to succeed you was going to have to drive to meetings weekly to get trained, as a Top Leader you would have to go to peoples houses to show the plan, make phone calls for them, and really pretty much do it all for them because of it being so difficult for a new person to make it…(unless they had sales experience). Who wants to do all of that?

I walked away from Amway looking for online Home Based Business that didn’t have the high autoships, that didn’t require you to drive all over the country, and that didn’t have a bunch of “Control Freaks” for upline. It took me a few years to find that perfect home based business model, but I did. So if you are still reading along here I want to thank you, and tell you that you could not be in a better place than where you are right now.

If you have been dreaming about, or praying about something that could change your health, and your financial future, then stay with me here. I would like to share a very simple, and cheap way for you to see the same success I have right from home in your spare time. THIS IS NOT get rich quick, or Amway, but it is get there and stay there forever! I have learned that wealth is not a amount of money, it is merely a thought process. I have learned the thought process, and I have the “Perfect Vehicle” if you would like to get through life a little easier than just a job.

Take the free tour below and see for yourself that there truly is a better way through life. I am sharing Life, Health, and Wealth with you. I have fell down, been knocked down, been told no to a bunch, been lied to, been cheated, been stolen from, been taken advantage of, and still managed to make it. THE SECRET IS: I found the right vehicle with the right people called GBG! I’m sure you are saying to yourself what is GBG? Go below and see for yourself what saved me, and what is saving family’s all over North America and this year 2011 will be the entire World.

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