Work At Home Business News…Shocking Truth!

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The Shocking truth about your Home Business, or for that matter any business. We are always wanting more from our business…right? There are so many advantages along with disadvantages to having your own business (the news) as laid out in this article here <<<. But the one thing that most miss is the fact that everyone has different personality’s, and those personality’s have to be treated so much differently. There is a thing called EGO that everyone has, and those EGO’s can be harmed in many different ways like criticism, being pushy, calling someone out in front of others, demanding more from different people, not giving credit where credit is due, and of course there are so many more, but one of the valuable lessons for me to learn that is when someone in my business, or maybe a employee of mine was doing very well I always was complimenting them for that, if they was getting more work done with good results than anyone else I left them alone so they would keep getting those results. I was always telling them how proud I was though.

Unwanted advise is actually criticism, and that can put a stop to things very fast if not treated properly. Some people just want to be left alone, and even though we think we might know whats best for them if they don’t ask for our advise, then the best thing we can do is mind our own business. Unwanted advise is criticism!

The Shocking truth is that most businesses fail within their first 5 years simply because they have failed to learn the proper skills, and most of that is people skills, but there are also business skills needed, time management, proper book keeping, relationships, finances, a commitment plan, and many more. Make sure and do your home work when hunting a business model that you may want to use. Home Based Business is the most hunted field today, and it still has to be treated like a business or it will fail too.

I have been in business for myself for over 20 years now, and trust me I have had my fair share of failures, but I must say that being my own boss has been the most rewarding thing ever. There are always challenges just like anything else, but the rewards are much higher than anything else. My traditional business is exploding right along with my Home Based Business for one reason only. That reason is the mindset I have developed from other men (Leaders), and from being willing to Read “Self Help Books” on a daily basis. I knew that being in a traditional business or a home based business would require me to develop certain skills like how to work with different personality’s, so I grabbed the book called “Personality Plus” by Littauer. This book right here taught me how to deal with all the different personality’s, and how to not offend people as easy, it taught me how to grow my family and my marriage even stronger, and it really taught me why people do the things they do. We always want more out of our employees or business partners, but we have to be very careful in how we approach these people due to the “Different Personality’s”. Make sure you know the personality that you are dealing with, or something you say or do can be very abrasive, and maybe damage a relationship for life.

My Home Based Business is no doubt my favorite of all, and below I am leaving you with a short You-Tube Video that I have put together for you to see how I am able to work from home just like thousands upon thousands of others that are using this same business model themselves. I wanted to be Healthy, and I wanted to be Wealthy, now I have the vehicle to get both! The reward is that having better health, and as my business continues to grow I am able to bless family, friends, our church, and give more to those out there that truly need it more than we do. I wasn’t able to do these types of things when I worked a j.o.b. due to there was barely enough to live on, but being patient and continuing to work on myself my dreams are finally coming true. The little things matter the most! <<<watch this video right away!