Does Your Boss Appreciate You, Or Just Always Expect More?

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Does your boss appreciate you, or just always expect more? This is definitely a touchy subject…right?

I have had bosses and business partners that was always expecting more from me, and I am sure that most of us can relate to this. I have had some of my most productive months ever, but it still wasn’t good enough. In a previous business I had came off of the best month ever, put over 15,000 miles on my car that month, and brought more new customers to the company that anyone else on our team, but yet more was expected. No pats on the back, no good job, no keep doing what your doing because it is working, but instead can you do more was the brought up.

Maybe your boss or business partners are saying the same thing to you, and maybe you don’t feel appreciated, but always remember that if you are getting your best results maybe you should just keep doing what you have been doing to keep getting those results. Of course if you have a boss (a job) then you have to do what the boss tells you to do, or the checks stop…right? However, if you have your own business that you are in control of then you do have the final say of what you do. This right here is the biggest advantage to having your own business, and being in control of your results.

This is a touchy subject no doubt, but the bottom line that most everyone would agree with is that no one wants a boss, and everyone wants to feel appreciated. Make sure that if you are a boss, or even attempting to help others reach new heights that you give praise when someone does great things, and never hammer anyone. Some of my old business coaches/leaders was always hammering others, and always bringing up what they was doing wrong. The men I remember the most are the ones that always had much love for everyone, and continued to find the good things I was doing, not the wrongs. Brad led me to getting time around a guy named Mike, and another named Joe who had a huge impact on my life in the most positive way. I am very thankful for those men that God placed in my life, and the things I learned from them that will take me through life so much easier.

Those men still create a residual income of 6 and 7 figures monthly. Why do they earn so much? Common sense tells us it is the relationships that they have created by loving others, and by praising them of their accomplishments no matter what those may have been. Raising people up, instead of tearing them down!

We all want to help others get more, but we must be careful in how we approach that area. We all have Ego’s, and those Ego’s must be approached very carefully!


  1. Never mess with anyone’s Ego.
  2. Never mess with anyone’s Money.
  3. Never mess with anyone’s Spouse.

We all have dreams and goals, however some will not reach theirs, and others will reach theirs if they we handle them properly. If  we are a boss, or even a business partner, or coach we still have to remember that we was in that other persons shoes at some point. Leaders all lead differently, and I am so thankful that Brad led me the way he did, and gave me that room to grow. I have never had the coaching and mentor-ship that came from him, and without that I wouldn’t be where I am today. No one is perfect!