The Power Of A Dream

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As a child I have always been a dreamer. I was always getting in trouble at school for day dreaming and was constantly told that most dreams never come true, and I needed to stop it and focus more on my school work.

I must say that without those dreams that I have always had that I would have never accomplished anything that I have accomplished. The world teaches us that dreaming isn’t real, and that we have to get our education, then go get a job. This is true if we want to stay broke for the rest of our lives, but what about if we want more out of life than a dead end job? Without a dream we will simply blunder through life, and really just continue to stay trapped in the “Rat Race”.

Having a Dream, and then setting some Goals will actually help you get out of the “Rat Race”. My Dreams have came true, and the more time goes on the more of those dreams are coming true. Isn’t that amazing how the teachers that told me that this was silly are still doing the same thing they was doing then which is working a dead end job stuck in that “Rat Race”. This is not a put down, but I have been SMART ENOUGH to take advise from people that was already in life where I wanted to be Financially, Spiritually, Physically, and Emotionally.

Taking advise from those that have never done what you are trying to do will not get you where you want to go. You cannot teach what you haven’t done! Thank God that I have been a dreamer, and Thank God that I have taken advise from people that are in life where I wanted to be, and now my life has changed for the better, and continues to get better each and every day.

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