Working The 50 Plus Year Plan Vs Working A Home Based Business

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Many will tell you that you have to go to school, get your degree, go get a job, and work hard then everything will work out great. THAT IS SUCH BS! Look around at our economy, look at the layoffs, look at your life, your neighbors, your family, friends, and everyone else that has done this. This is called the rat race.

There is nothing wrong with getting your education and getting a job if you don’t want to do anything great with your life. Name one person that has done the above and worked a job all their life that has really done anything great. Then try to name anyone that has become wealthy by working for someone else all their life. Who do we remember in life, the ones that worked a job for 50 plus years? Or do we remember someone like John Hancock, Thomas Edison, Teddy Roosevelt, and sure there are many many more to name? There are a few out there I am sure that have done very well by working a job all their lives, but the thing that they have to do to keep making money is they have to keep going back to that job in order to get paid. This is called trading time for money.

True financial independence comes from working smart and using leverage of others. Business owners are the wealthy ones, not the employees. Why is that? Business owners have took control of their lives and realized that being a employee will only make someone else rich (the boss), AND NOT THEM. Would you rather have 1% of 100 other peoples efforts, or would you rather have 100% of your own efforts?

Fear controls the vast majority of our world today, and as a result most people will stumble through life frustrated, broke living pay check to pay check,  and will never take the chance to do something to stop this viscous cycle of mediocrity due to the fear that controls them. You see, most are simply afraid to start a Home Based Business for many reasons.

  1. Afraid of what someone (friends and family) will think or say.
  2. Afraid they will fail.
  3. Afraid that they don’t have the skills.
  4. Afraid they don’t have the time.
  5. Afraid their boss might find out and fire them.
  6. Afraid they will miss their favorite show on the idiot box if they are working their home business.
  7. Afraid they will miss out on going to the bar.
  8. Afraid they might miss going to parts.
  9. Afraid they will not have time for the local softball, or golf league.
  10. Afraid they might miss some of their kids activity’s.

Here is the point: THESE ARE ALL EXCUSES that most everyone uses to keep them living in the same broke and frustrated life forever. There are no excuses if you want to create financial independence for you, your family, and for generations to come. No one that has ever done anything great with their lives didn’t have something to overcome, and for most all of them they had a lot of challenges, but if you was to ask a Bill Gates, Robert Kiyosaki, Donald Trump, Thomas Edison, or any other person that was broke and frustrated at one point in their life if they ever had challenges, and if they was afraid at some point and they would all say yes. I guarantee they would all say that if they went broke and had to do it all over again they would.

Winners will always find a way to win, and excuse makers will always lose! Successful people find a way to win, they eliminate all excuses, and they remove all distraction like negative family members, negative friends, and they keep moving toward their goals. Successful people always have daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, and even more long term goals like 5 year goals, 10 year goals, and even longer term goals.

Having your own Home Based Business starts small, and over time will get bigger and bigger as long as you continue to manage your time properly, and take full advantage of every spare moment you have to do something to grow your home business. Over the course a 1 year, and for sure 2 years there is a huge possibility that you could very easily have what started small become so large that there would be no need for a job ever again, and you could take the rest of your life off.

Work 50 plus years and still be broke, and really never be able to retire and enjoy life, OR work smart for a few years in your spare time building YOUR OWN Home Based Business, then take the rest of your life off due to the work you done over those few years will pay you for the rest of your life. Sounds like the smarter plan to me, how about you?

Here is what the broke family members, friends, co workers, and critics will say when you succeed. They will say things like they got lucky and got in early, or they had help, or they are at the top of the pyramid. The truth is that they flat out worked you stupid! It takes work to build a home based business that is super profitable and pays you a huge residual income for the rest of your life, but it all takes work to go to a dead end job for the rest of your life too!

Many of us will ask ourselves this: Work Right From Home – Is It Possible?

Finding someone that has already done what you are trying to do and that someone has already done it, and are very successful at it is a HUGE part of your success. Having that coach, or workout partner will take you to a whole new area of your life if you can lower your guard, and trust them to help you. REMEMBER: they have a vested interest in you in most cases, so why would they give you bad information? They wouldn’t. Trusting your boss will keep you broke and in a job, trusting a good life coach will create you true financial independence for life.

You have to trust someone, so who are you going to trust? I trust God first, then I trust my coaches, and my workout partners next. I have learned to follow the Top GBG Leaders, and I must say that it has worked out so perfect for me, and I am inviting you to see for yourself and follow me. I am one of the Top GBG Leaders, and I am more than qualified to help you reach your goals whatever they may be. Following someone that had already done what I was attempting to do, and copying what they did is getting me the very same results that those leaders achieved.

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